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Jan 22, 2022

It's the much anticipated return od According to Hoyle.  

Not only is it the first Acoording to Hoyle of 2022, we also have Denise Denise Denise in studio.

Recorded before the NFL Divisional Round of The Playoffs,  Friedo makes his predictions onall 4 games:

  1. Cincinatti will prove that Tennessee was a very weak top seed by winning on the road
  2. Aaron Rodgers will hve a terrible game allowing The Niners to move on to The NFC Championship
  3. The Bucs will have their handsful against Matt Staffod and The Rams...The Rams will jump out to a huge lead and Tom Brady will have to lead a huge comeback that will fall short in the end.
  4. The Chiefs and Bils will have one of the greatest games ever.  But, as usual The Bills will be on the losing end of an absolute heartbreaker
  5. Every single one of the games will be decided on the final play of the game.

We'll see if any of thesepredictions come true or if he strikes out.